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    Special Occasion - (large) Lavender Rose W/Sun Cap Swag Set Special

    Special Ordering Only with longer than normal Delivery times.

    Our products are handmade to order using the freshest and finest ingredients: 70% and extra bitter organic dark cocoa, manufactured whipping cream, organic coconut oil, lecithin, organic eatable roses and lavender, granulated sugar, and natural lavender and rose oils. 

    This is our first apparel item.  It is a very lite white cotton custom embroidered fully adjustable fashion accessory.  Wear at the beach, a garden gathering, playing tennis and hiking.  Or just as a part of your ensemble for an afternoon shopping stroll. 

    Your item is presented in a custom brand high gloss deluxe gift box including a free stainless spreader and garnish. Your order is sealed with a Culinary Couture grosgrain ribbon, fastened with a spoon impressed embossing colored for the season. Swag bag is included with this Fall Winter, High Holiday Season 2017.

    Serving size: 6 - 8

    Best kept refrigerated and served at room temperature.

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